Thursday Night at Po’ Monkey’s

Some of y’all might remember what Po’ Monkey’s looks like during the day from this shot. I finally made it there on a Thursday night, and it was truly a special evening. The last of the true rural Juke Joints in the country. It is a magical place to visit if you are ever in Cleveland, Mississippi on a Thursday night.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Night at Po’ Monkey’s

  1. it was actually not built as a Juke Joint =) .. what a great great shot and Thursday nights w. Live music are The Best!!! lots of tourists from Japan and Europe come on busses at other times…. did you meet ‘the man’ while you were there? I was told he lives or lived in the back of this building ~

    1. Interesting! No live music, just a DJ, but the crowd was a lot of fun. And yes, Mr. Seaberry was there in the flesh – very cool and welcoming. I had met him once before, but it was good to see him enjoying the place!

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