Gip’s Place

This is inside Gip’s Place, the last of the real Alabama Juke Joints, and the last of the real Juke Joints that I wanted to be sure I visited before they’re gone. That’s the man himself down in front, just shy of his 97th birthday. If you’re ever in or anywhere remotely near Bessemer, Alabama on a Saturday night, you should definitely seek it out.


2 thoughts on “Gip’s Place

  1. hey hey Gip’s Place!!! I had the good fortune to meet with him, interview him, and listen to him play … as well as take photos … GREAT SHOT .. when you have the time, check my Blues Blues Blues blog – Gip’s (section) .. Best in Blues to you.

    1. I was so happy to finally get out there. He was such a gracious host and seemed to be having as much fun as anyone. I wish I’d seen him play, but was just grateful to see the place.

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