5 thoughts on “Cincinnati Mural

  1. You’re a good photographer Mike. I’m having trouble finding work and WCPO isn’t calling me back for a job so I’m tired of applying for work. I found $300 advertising benches on alibabba and I’m going into business myself. Be nice to work with a photographer like you for a magazine.

      1. hey here’s my phone number 1 513 500 0857 maybe give me a call in a couple of weeks i’m between places and staying with my folks but i write and you do photography and maybe we could do something sometime … i have a work that i did a couple years ago of a tight photograph of my folks holding hands and then theres a poem floating beside their hands blessing their marriage … if we could explore type laid atop photography … if we were going to collaborate i’d suggest starting really small and building up a collaborative language between us … starting off having beers or something and then taking it from there … i never move fast on anything … except maybe writing but only because i have nice typing skills …. this didn’t take me long to write … but consider calling me … my last set of friends was like a band and the band broke up

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